Crucible Cider

Liquor Licence 32811554
We use 28 varieties of organically-grown heritage English and French cider apples. These are hand-crushed in small batches on-farm.
All our ciders are made using champagne yeast via methode traditionelle, just like champagne.


Bronze Medal


Silver Medal, Traditional Dry Cider


Silver Medal, Traditional Dry Cider


Gold Medal, Traditional Dry Cider
National Best In Class


Silver Medal, Traditional Perry

If you're interested in our cider and just want some now, the easiest local sources are Dar Teta cafe in Forrest or Murnanes Butchers in Colac.
In Geelong, drop in to "Geelong Cellar Door". In Lorne, Crucible is also now available at the fantastic restaurant "Little Pickets".
and in Birregurra the "Three Hat" Restaurant Brae. For that special Christmas Hamper, have a look at "Madebox".

Please note, Perry is currently unavailable but the new season vintage will be in around June.

If you're interested in learning about cider making please contact us about joining our next Masterclass


A Bit About

Crucible Cider

Our farm made cider is named in honour of our ancestor, John Juleff

All our ciders are made using champagne yeast via methode traditionelle, just like champagne.

This results for the traditional cider in an authentic, dry character with a pleasing, seasonally variable, optimum of bitter-sweet, bitter-sharp flavours. It has a long tannin finish and well rounded flavour profile. This cider has a savoury minerality derived from our “terroire” that grows on you. All our ciders offer more than a nod to the regional styles of Normandy, in particular the Perche region.
The Demi-Sec has a similar complexity, with the bitter sweet/bitter sharp characteristics softened by a hint of the original juice sugars. This cider is just “off-dry” and allows a full mouth appreciation of the fruit characters and is exceptionally refreshing. Note there are no added preservatives or any other “stuff” in any of our ciders.
Our Perry is made similarly in the “traditional” style, so presents as a dry perry with the normal softening of the pear sorbitol offering a pleasant, lighter contrast to the ciders.
Our approach to cider making is one of minimum intervention. Our primary focus is care for the apples in the orchard. Once in the cidery, we let the juice display the clear seasonal vintage characteristics each year. Our ciders have no additives, no preservatives or any other stuff added. Serve Crucible ciders cold.

Judges Comments

Traditional Dry Cider - spicey complexity, attractive bruised apple, some funk, good balance. pale-coloured and tangy, fragrant, dry with interesting minerality
Demi-Sec Cider – softened spices with full , attractively complex apple profile, excellent balance. Pale-coloured and tangy, fragrant, off-dry with a long pleasing palate.

Somerset Red Streak, Staymans Winesap, Breakwells Seedling, Brown’s Snout, Tremlett’s Bitter, Bulmer’s Norman, Dabinette, Frequin, StokeRed, Foxwhelp, Cemitiere de Blangy, Kingston Black, Reinette De Canada, Sweet Alford, Michelin, Reine de Hative, Belle de Boscoop, Sweet Coppin, White Winter Pearmain, Bramley Seedling, Improved Foxwhelp, Chatainier, Yarlington Mill, King David, Sturmer, John Downie, Northern Spy, Malus aldermensis, Crab Golden Hornet, Crab Torinides, Lady Williams, Arkane, Pink Lady, Dr Hogg, Bedfordshire Foundling, Striped Beefing Apple, Batman's Apple, CourtPendu Apple, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Grannysmith, Gravenstein, 5 crown.

Our farm made cider is named in honour of our ancestor, John Juleff

the inventor in 1760 of the Juleff Crucible, used for the assaying of ore from the mines in Cornwall. This was used worldwide in assay laboratories until the 1960’s – a feat worth commemorating!

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